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Premium Audits


Your client will either be contacted by the auditor or will be sent a mail audit. The auditor will schedule directly with the insured and will confirm appointment 24-48 hours prior. The auditor will not meet at the scheduled time if the appointment has not been confirmed.

An audit is not COMPLETED until the audit information has been returned to the carrier and the calculations have been completed. This process takes 30-60 days after all information has been returned by the auditor to the carrier. Please check with your client to determine if and when they have complied with the audit prior to requesting an update on the audit status.

Any calculated returned premium on the policy will be returned to the finance company on file or to the insured.

Failure to comply with an audit request will result in the cancellation of the current policy and could result in an estimated audit being processed which will include substantial fees.

If a Notice of Cancellation has been issued due to audit non-compliance, the audit has already been returned to the carrier by the auditor as non-compliant. If your client wishes to comply after the NOC has been generated, please complete the attached Request to Reopen Audit and upload to the account on the system. Audits that have already been returned as non-productive and are being requested again will be prioritized after initials.

If your client is disputing the audit findings, please have them provide a detailed description of the disputed items on company letterhead (if possible) and supporting documentation. Please note that audit balances are still due during the dispute process.


All Fastcomp polices are Direct Bill. The insurance company will invoice the insured based on the payment plan that was selected at time of binding.


Commissions are paid between the 15th and the 20th of every month and only on collected premium. Fastcomp does not pay commissions on Taxes, Fees or Assessments.

All quotes provided to the agent include the commission percentage for the policy. Fastcomp commission percentages vary by carrier and by state and range from 4% to 10%.

Cancel & Non-Renewals

Cancellation Notices can be generated from either our office or the carrier’s office. The notices are mailed to the insured given the appropriate number of days for mail time. The agent will either receive a mailed copy or a faxed copy of the notice sent to the insured. Failure to pay the premium by 12:01 AM date of cancellation will cause the policy to be canceled. There are no guarantees a policy will be reinstated.

Non-renewal Notices are mailed directly to the insured from the carrier. Fastcomp will make an effort to forward this information to our agent. All non-renewals will be underwritten to see if Fastcomp can provide another carrier for the insured. If the insured can be placed with another carrier, Fastcomp will notify our agent.

Certificates of Insurance

After we have issued a binder or confirmation of coverage, retail agents have the authority to issue ACORD Certificates of Insurance (COI) for the given insured. The ACORD COI wording may not be modified without prior written approval by Fastcomp. Any modification to the standard wording or statutory references is considered outside your authority. The COI may not be used as an endorsement or change request. Any policy changes must be requested in writing to Fastcomp. Discretion is to be used when providing COI’s, and if for any reason there is a question as to whether a COI is appropriate, please contact us.

Claims Reporting


First Report of Injury must be filed directly with the carriers. There are many aspects to effective claim management. Important considerations are necessary in many areas to include vendor selection, initial investigation, medical management and litigation. Our carriers ensure every claim is handled thoroughly and brought to a conclusion as swiftly and as cost effective as possible. Fastcomp recognizes the vital importance of responsive and aggressive claims management and we are here to assist our agents in the process of reporting claims to our carriers.


Fastcomp require all policy changes be submitted in writing and placed to the attention of the Endorsement Department. Endorsement requests generally take 3-4 weeks to be processed once all required information is received.

Be sure to include the following information before mailing or faxing to Fastcomp.

  • Attention Endorsement Department
  • Agency Name
  • Policy Holder Name
  • Policy Number along with Effective Date of Policy
  • Effective Date of Change
  • Changes Required along with Reason Why
Loss Run Requests

Loss run information may take up to two weeks to get back to the requesting agent.

Be sure to include the following information before mailing or faxing to Fastcomp.

  • Attention Loss Run Request
  • Agency Name
  • Carrier Name
  • Policy Holder Name
  • Policy Number
  • Policy Term