Our Mission

Predictable. Scalable. Reliable.

OK, we admit it.

At Fastcomp, we’re enablers. And we’re darn proud of it.

We imagined a whole new role for Independent Agents in writing monoline workers’ compensation: giving them the frontline role in identifying exposures and validating risks.

We conceived a process that could bring them together with major Carriers in a mutually profitable way… to match exposure to carriers interested in writing that risk.

We developed and refined the online tools necessary to make that process predictable, scalable and reliable… which is, after all, what everybody wants in a process. Our proprietary predictive software is the foundation of this new, streamlined way of making business happen.

And we’ve kept at it: tweaking, refining, listening and growing, to create today’s Fastcomp.com. To give you more access, more speed and ever-greater simplicity for monoline work comp.

To enable your future.