How We Work

How Fastcomp Works

Fastcomp provides Independent Retail Agents with a simple alternative to the cumbersome policies and restrictions of major workers’ compensation carriers. Fastcomp utilizes proprietary predictive modeling software, which allows us to generate accurate indications for many classes of business… allowing you, the agent, to act as the front line underwriter. If the risk qualifies according to guidelines, you receive Premium Indications in PDF format in minutes, without speaking to an underwriter.

Fastcomp provides you with specific tools at your fingertips to secure business in today’s competitive market. In return, we count on you to serve as the frontline underwriter, classifying exposure correctly and validating risks. For those less hazardous occupations, you can access eBind, get an immediate indication and write the business then and there. For more hazardous codes, we offer tBind, which gives you access to markets that will write the business following a more traditional underwriting review by experienced Fastcomp underwriters. Please note that Fastcomp does not have a market for operations or activities involving:

  • Aircraft or watercraft for business use
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Professional/semi-professional sports teams or athletes
  • Wrecking or demolition of buildings, structures or vessels
  • Asbestos abatement, manufacturing or distribution
  • USL&H, Jones Act or any other Federal Act (including but not limited to: Defense Base Act, Migrant and Seasonal Worker Act, Federal Employer’s Liability Act or Non-Appropriated Funds Instrumentalities Act)
  • Storing, discharging, applying, disposing or transporting hazardous (nuclear or other) waste or materials
  • Railroad operations, construction or risk performing work on or within 50 feet of a railroad
  • Underground mining operations

Fastcomp demands no volume commitments… part of the reason we’re the smart alternative. However, we do recognize agents who use us regularly as “Preferred Agents;” they receive higher commissions inasmuch as they provide a continuing flow of submissions.