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Making a difference.

Workers’ Compensation has always been about financial security when times get tough. But for so many across America, food security is a daily concern. That makes it our concern, and a focus of Fastcomp’s corporate responsibility efforts. We’re still a relatively small company, but we think that’s where we can make a big difference for individual families.

Our one-to-one guarantee.

Our goal is simple: “One Policy, One Meal.” This “One-to-One Guarantee” will literally put food on the table every time a Fastcomp policy is bound, in communities where that help is needed most.

Here’s how it works.

Each time a policy is bound through one of our Fastcomp Independent Agents, we’ll make a cash donation on behalf of that Independent Agent to one of the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief organizations.

The new policyholder will receive a letter along with their policy, explaining how their decision to choose Fastcomp and their Independent Agent has also made a difference in towns and cities across America. The Agent will also receive notification of the contribution along with our thanks.

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