Simple, frictionless and efficient.

Technology and the internet are obviously revolutionizing the ways we can go to market. Yet it still hasn’t really addressed the core structural relationship between large carriers, independent agents and their customers. That’s what Fastcomp is all about: a simple, more frictionless, more efficient alternative to the cumbersome policies, volume commitments and restrictions of major Workers’Compensation carriers.

A unique perspective since 1998.

Way back in 1998, we imagined a whole new role for independent agents in writing monoline Workers’ Compensation: giving them the frontline role in identifying exposures and validating risks. We conceived a process that could bring them together with major carriers in a mutually profitable way… to match exposure to carriers interested in writing that risk. We created our now-highly evolved, proprietary software to streamline the selection and processing of many risks and transform agent efficiency. And we’ve kept at it: tweaking, refining, listening and growing, to create today’s Fastcomp. To give Agents more access, more speed and ever-greater simplicity for monoline Work Comp.

“InsureTech” is all the buzz these days. When it comes to Workers’ Comp, we invented it.

Valuing and protecting agents.

Why do independent agents remain, more than ever, at the heart of our business model? In a word, relationships. The agent has a relationship with the insured that helps validate the exposure (unlike online platforms recklessly selling direct to insureds). The agent knows precisely the nature of the insured’s business (trim carpentry vs. framing contractor, for example, or lawn care co. vs. landscaping co.), so clients ultimately get the correct quote for the correct premium, based on the correct exposure. Combined with Fastcomp’s highly evolved proprietary software, this essential understanding is crucial in providing real value and carrier profitability.

As the market has evolved, Fastcomp has evolved to help meet it more efficiently. As new challenges arise, Fastcomp will remain at the forefront of thought leadership to help Independent Agents meet them.

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