Fastcomp is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Program Manager specializing in writing Workers’ Compensation coverage for PEO’s. We can offer ASO, Carve-Out, MCP and Master policy options.

Program Features

  • Targeting specialty PEO retail agencies ONLY
  • Fastcomp’s Agent Dashboard provides quick access to all submissions and Client Company data
  • Need to be an Approved Fastcomp Agency

Target Market

  • Minimum Premium of $250,000
  • No New Ventures. Must have 3 years of prior coverage
  • Client Companies are individually underwritten
  • Broad appetite:
    • Contractors
    • Auto Services
    • Entertainment, Sports & Leisure
    • Habitational
    • Manufacturing
    • Professional Offices
    • Restaurants
    • Retail
    • Service Industry
    • Wholesale & Distributors

Program Requirements

  • Non-working security deposit (10-15%)
  • Bi-weekly Payroll Reporting and Premium Billing

Submission Checklist

  • Two years audited financials, plus current year
  • Current Client List: Name, Address, FEIN, NCCI Class Codes
  • Current Client/Class Payrolls
  • Five years loss history: summary and claim detail
  • Five years payroll history: summary only
  • Bios for Owner/Principles and Org Chart

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