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Claims Expertise and Services

The Fastcomp advantage begins with our expert team’s commitment to workers’ compensation as a service creating a competitive advantage for our agents and insureds.

Our solid foundation built upon vast experiences and multiple successes, we work with our clients to proactively engage in safe workplace cultures and deliver efficient, effective services to facilitate a timely, safe return to work.

As a service driven organization, we carefully select our workers’ compensation insurance carriers and claims partners. Our partners share our service standards and goals to reduce workplace injuries as well as utilize extensive resources to investigate accidents, create timely access to quality care and facilitate a safe return to work. As a result, working with you and for you we consistently achieve industry specific service and outcomes proven to lessen claims frequency and severity.

We structure your workers’ compensation program as a financial strategy to create a competitive advantage for your business. Then utilize our expertise and strategic partners to achieve forecast results combined with a service oriented approach recognizing the personal impacts of workplace accidents and injuries.

A culture of safety lead by ownership and senior management is the most cost effective workers’ compensation strategy. Fastcomp provides the expertise and tools to go beyond a safety goal and establish a culture of safety to achieve sustainable financial rewards. For many agents and insureds the difference between short term “goal oriented” results and a workers’ compensation program that creates a competitive advantage is the right partner.

Fastcomp has the expertise, the successes and the strategic partners to transform your workers’ compensation program from a cost of doing business to a competitive advantage.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive preventive and post injury services with practical execution consistently and fairly administered. Communication is our strength and results drive us to exceed your expectations.

Service Oriented Strategies

  • Safety Culture: The foundation of a successful workers’ compensation financial strategy. Our agents and insureds drive the culture, we provide workplace analysis along with prevention and intervention tools and resources.
  • Claim/Investigation: Our agents and insureds recognize the benefits of immediate injury reporting. We provide 24/7 reporting tools and utilize a multi-disciplinary team to timely and thoroughly investigate claims.
  • Quality Medical Care: Our carrier and claims partners provide quality provider panels, timely access to care and focus on recovery.
  • Return to Work: Our agents and insureds work closely with our claims partners and medical providers to facilitate safe return work options.

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