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Today, our streamlined, online model offers agents an unprecedented ease of doing business… at their convenience, wherever and however they access the cloud. Fastcomp’s online systems offer a wide variety of features that help simplify and streamline the Work Comp process.

Here are the top 5 features you can start taking advantage of today.

Agent Dashboard

Our Agent Dashboard

The Agent Dashboard provides quick access to all your submissions. Your submissions are organized in tabbed listings so you can quickly identify where a submission is in the underwriting process. The "Action Required" tab lets you know when more information is needed to proceed to the next underwriting step, while the "Renewal" or "Cancel" tabs alert you when these special submission circumstances apply. There is also a search feature to find any submission by their company name.

Message Center

Our submission detail records and Message Center

By clicking on any record in the dashboard, you will gain access to the submission detail record. This screen provides all the details of the submission including any next step tasks that can be made, such as accepting the quote, viewing the proposal or closing the quote. There is also a Message Center area that allows you to submit a message and/or upload a document to your submission. The Message Log area keeps track of all your sent communications (including messages sent by the Fastcomp team) and any documents that have been uploaded.

Account Management

Our agent account management system

Once your agency has been approved to use the Fastcomp system, you will be provided with your agency's main login account. That account serves as your main account for managing your agent accounts. As the main administrator of your agency account, you can create agent specific accounts to grant all your agents access into the system. When an agent logs in, by default, their dashboard will be filtered to only display submissions submitted from their account. But that filtering can be changed to gain access to any submission within the agency. Once an agent account is created, that agent is free to manage their credentials from that point forward.

Interview and Quote

New submission interview and quoting process

Our new submission interview process collects all the information we need to provide a quote and generate a proposal. And since we have thousands of class codes available in the system, we can provide you an indication estimate immediately in almost every situation. The interview is flexible to work the way you work as well. The interview auto saves after each step and allows you to save in progress screens so you can return at a later point to finish up. Once your submission is received, our team of underwriters review, confirms the quote with a carrier, and delivers a proposal PDF so you can review with your customer.

Underwriting and Binding

Underwriting and binding process

Once you receive your proposal, reviewed it with your customer and are ready to bind, you can do so directly within the Agent Dashboard. Locate the submission detail record and click the "Accept Quote" button to begin the process. You will be asked to complete a form to complete the process. The Fastcomp team will initiate the binding process with the carrier and keep you up-to-date on the status of the policy through your Agent Dashboard and submission detail record Message Center.

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