Less effort. More profit.

Proprietary technology, developed continuously since 1998, makes Fastcomp more “frictionless” in terms of the day-to-day agent experience. That frictionless process makes independent agents more efficient. Efficiency, in turn, allows you to generate more revenue, pure and simple.

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Frictionless = Profitability = The Fastcomp Way

Every wholesaler has carriers, codes and promises of partnership. Only Fastcomp has the technology to bring it all to you literally at a glance, with less effort and more profit. Unbundling Work Comp with Fastcomp means you can bind more insureds with us, and use your direct appointments to enlarge the rest of your book of business. More insureds. More flexibility. More efficiency. More revenue.

How We Work

“Our goal is to help your business prosper in this rapidly evolving business climate.”

John Valko, Founder & CEO


Doing one thing. Doing it right.

Since 1998, Fastcomp has focused exclusively on online Work Comp for independent agents. That’s what we know and we know it inside and out. That’s all we do, and we do it so well, we have a 90% retention rate on renewals. We do it with more class codes, to offer more coverage opportunities. And we can deliver indications in minutes as well as underwriting access in 46 states.

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Stop shopping. Start writing.

Leveraging our Work Comp focus and experience to develop new ways to identify and match exposures to carriers most interested in writing risk means you don’t need to “shop” risks to multiple markets… if Fastcomp can’t write it, it’s likely a candidate for an assigned risk plan.

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