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One-stop shopping for Workers’ Comp.

Fastcomp transformed workers’ comp for Independent Agents, with a frictionless technology platform that delivers more insureds with less effort. Now, we’ve done it again.

Fastcomp can now deliver up to eight quotes with a single submission.

Imagine: no more re-keying information to get multiple quotes from multiple carriers. No more duplication of effort, or wasting time jumping from web site to web site. So you can work more efficiently, manage happier clients and generate more revenue. Pure and simple.


Everything you need at renewal.

Renewals should be automatic, seamless and painless. With Multiple Quote Automation, now they really are. There’s no need to shop quotes if a renewal premium goes up… you get the renewal quote, plus multiple quotes for comparison. You win. Clients win. Everybody wins.

“As of now, Fastcomp has fundamentally changed the way you write and renew Workers’ Comp.”

John Valko, Founder & CEO


Multiple declinations for Assigned Risk.

In order to place clients into assigned risk, you need proof of three declinations. If Fastcomp can’t write the risk, our Multiple Quote Automation will provide the three declinations you need to send them to Assigned Risk.


More risks. More business.

Think about it: since 1998, Fastcomp has focused exclusively on online work comp for Independent Agents. That’s all we do, and we do it with more class codes, to offer more coverage opportunities in 45 states. Fastcomp is the generalist you really need, writing a huge variety of risks including a lot of the tough ones, alongside the usual preferred businesses.

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Independent Agents rule.

We’re Fastcomp. The Independent Agent is at the very heart of our business model. We have the technology, we have the history, and now we have proprietary Multiple Quote Automation to help you prosper.

Think of it as a “Workers’ Comp Insurance Exchange” exclusively for Independent Agents. Nobody’s ever done it before. Fastcomp has.

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